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Our past users speak better than we can

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Success Stories

Our past users speak better than we can


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In just 6 years The Launch Pad Competition went from being the newcomer on the block to the most successful writing competition in the world. With an emphasis on helping start careers, and not simply giving a writer a few dollars and putting their names on a list, we’ve seen our writers land with some of the largest representation in town, sell their projects to several elite outlets, and land on every major annual “best of” list sine our launch. Now with over 403 writers signed, 134 projects set up, and more than two dozen staffed on shows, we’re incredibly proud of the work our team has done, but we’re even more so with the writers we’ve had a chance to work with to make their dreams become realities.

Below are just a few of their stories…


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TB Recommends

Since the launch of the TB Recommends program 18 of 19 writers have gone on to sign with representation via our referral, and 6 have seen their recommended script sell!”

All scripts that receive a “Recommend” (for the script section only) through our coverage service will be announced on The Industry website, forums, and feeds, showcasing their script as the next big thing to the thousands of industry professionals who follow The Industry.

For more details on our coverage services, head on over to Script Coverage for more information.

TB Recommended Scripts

Eric koenig

Eric Koenig

Signed with Paradigm and Good Fear Film + Management

Set up with Paramount, Red Wagon Entertainment, Romark Entertainment

Michael perri

Michael Perri

Signed with Kaplan Stahler Agency and Echo Lake Entertainment

Once his pilot, NEXXUS, became a TB Recommended script Perri quickly found himself with representation. To follow that up he made his way onto a Young & Hungry List, the 2013 National Hispanic Media Coalition’s Television Writers Program, became the 2013 Storyboard National TV Pilot competition Winner, and entered the 2013 Writers on the Verge Program at NBC Universal. Since that time he has been staffed on NBC series' STATE OF AFFAIRS and BLINDSPOT.


Ahmadu Garba

Signed with Epicenter

Santa sierra

Santa Sierrra

Signed with ICM and Luber/Roklin

Receiving a TB Recommends for her script GROWING UP MORALES, Sierra has since been signed by Brandy Rivers at ICM and Bryan Brucks from Luber/Roklin and went on to make the 2013 Young and Hungry List. She is now working on the project CHICO GRANDE for Amazon Studios.

Talia gonzalez

Talia Gonzalez

Signed with UTA and Thruline Entertainment

1399511841 bisanne masoud 400x400

Bisanne Masoud

Signed with UTA and Thruline Entertainment

1399511627 john kelley

John Kelley

Signed with Stephanie Rogers & Associates

1399411468 dan dollar 400x400

Dan Dollar

Signed with CAA and Industry Entertainment

Set up with Warner Bros., Appian Way, Romark Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment

Davidt ux07dn

Daniel Turkewitz

Signed with APA and Energy Entertainment

Set up with 20th Century Fox, Energy Entertainment, Romark Entertainment, Scott Free Productions

1399581004 lily blau 400x400

Lily Blau

Signed by CAA and Washington Square Arts

Cropped 1415758654 greg scharpf

Greg Scharpf

Signed with Verve and Industry Entertainment

Set up with MXN Entertainment, Wonderland Sound & Vision

Danbenamore nuiasg

Dan Benamor

Signed with Paradigm and Energy Entertainment

Set up with Anonymous Content, Energy Entertainment, Romark Entertainment

Cropped 1415752391 alanna brown

Alanna Brown

Signed with Paradigm and Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment

1399952126 kate trefry copy

Kate Trefry

Signed with UTA and Lee Stobby Entertainment

1399952074 max perry

Max Perry

Signed with Madhouse Entertainment

Cropped 1415755271 daniel algarin

Daniel Algarin

Signed with UTA and Good Fear Film + Management

Set up with Blumhouse Productions, Chapter One


Shira Hoffman

Signed with CAA and Untitled Entertainment

Cropped 1415754007 ryan trevino

Ryan Trevino

Signed with APA and Circle of Confusion


Rohit Kumar

Signed with ICM and Good Fear Film + Management

1415757463 michael van waes

Mike Van Waes

Signed with ICM and Grandview


Homa Mojtabai

Signed with Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Cropped 1415756518 jacob isser

Jacob Isser

Signed with Artillery Creative

Eleonoregachet he7ou0

Eleonore Gachet

Signed with Paradigm


David Hoffman

Signed with Paradigm and Artillery Creative

1399511158 kaitlin kelly 400x400

Kaitlin Kelly

Set up with Demarest Films

1399511076 andy heriaud 400x400

Andy Heriaud

Set up with Demarest Films

1399511678 eric m brown

Eric M. Brown

Signed with CAA and Madhouse Entertainment

Set up with 3311 Productions

Danshea vszjjo

Dan Shea

Set up with Under the Stairs Entertainment

Benkawaller2 1 nkmquy

Benjamin Kawaller

Signed with Bellevue Productions


Michael Stagliano

Signed with Good Fear Film + Management

Sarahmcchesney fsdiv4

Sarah McChesney

Signed with Kaplan Stahler Agency and Good Fear Film + Management


Brian Shin

Signed with Dialed-In Entertainment

Jaredferrie gbz2vt

Jared Ferrie

Signed with Paradigm and Black Box Media


Kaitlin Fontana

Signed with Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Cropped 1415753806 mark ganek

Mark Ganek

Signed with Rothman Brecher Agency and Principato/Young Entertainment

Elenasong m91axp

Elena Song

Signed with APA and Echo Lake Management

1399507675 dylan brod 400x400

Dylan Brod

Signed with Energy Entertainment

Set up with Imperative Entertainment

Leonlangford k6m471

Leon Langford

Signed with UTA and Energy Entertainment

Danibailes ianh5g

Dani Bailes

Signed with Echo Lake Management

1399502457 tristan thai 400x400

Tristan Thai

Signed with Jon Kanak Management

Cropped 1415753423 sebastian davis

Sebastian Davis

Signed with WME


Christopher Basler

Signed with ESA and Industry Entertainment

1399502784 miller kassia 400x400

Kassia Miller

Signed with New Wave Entertainment

1399508122 brian scully 400x400

Brian Michael Scully

Signed with Verve and The Muraviov Company

Set up with Producers Jason Irizarry and Tani Marole

Eleven days. That’s all it took The LaunchPad to literally launch my screenwriting career. Eleven days from myscript Matriarch placing in the top 25 of their aptly named Launch Pad Features Competition to it being bought by Paramount. These guys know exactly what they’re doing – period.

Eric Koenig Finalist, 2014 LPFC

This isn’t some bullshit random contest offering you money or something – this thing starts careers. It’s only been around for one year, and already everyone is this town knows about it. It’s huge. Everyone wants what this contest has.

Lee Stobby Manager, Lee Stobby Entertainment

Sarahacosta n5rqzv

Sarah Acosta

Signed with Madhouse Entertainment

1400114252 alex carl

Alex Carl

Signed with ESA and Kailey Marsh Media

Set up with Altered.LA, Punch Media


Andrea Janakas

Signed with Paradigm and Infinity Management

Garrettlander ohbguw

Garrett Lander

Signed with Good Fear Film + Management


Peter Klausner

Signed with Paradigm and Black Box Media

Davidcase s3xfmj

David Case

Signed with Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Estherceliafinkelstein rzrugb

Esther Celia Finkelstein

Signed with Rothman Brecher Agency

Paulmclalin ccz8ly

Paul McLalin

Signed with CAA and Lee Stobby Entertainment

The Launch Pad contest is a serious game changer. I’d never really been persuaded by the idea of entering a contest before, because many seemed pointless: it’s a lot of politics, you have to write ‘for’ the judging panel, and what you win is either just a title or money. I didn’t know exactly what I could get out of that. It’s amazing to see The LaunchPad run a contest of a different sort: you can be you, talent is talent, and what you receive is something more measurable than just acclaim. In an industry where so much of your future relies less on what you can do but who you know, the simplicity of the contest is wonderful. It’s a true chance to cut through the B.S. and let your writing speak for itself.

Kaitlin Kelly & Andy Heriaud Finalist, 2014 LPPC

I entered The Launch Pad Pilot contest and within a week of being named a Semifinalist I signed with a top tier manager. I think that speaks for itself, but I’d also like to note that The LaunchPad’s staff has gone above and beyond to promote my script and expose it to legitimate industry contacts and keep me abreast of every step. Most contests simply announce the winners on their website and have done with it, but The LaunchPad is actually motivated to help the careers of its entrants. Also, they have the means to actually do so, which is rare.

Ted Sperling Finalist, 2014 LPPC


Ryan Stack

Signed with Energy Entertainment

1399410586 mukilanz thangamani 400x400

Mukilan Thangamani

Set up with Enderby Entertainment

Unnamed uvcxr0

Graham Funke

Signed with Paradigm and Heroes and Villains Entertainment

1400518655 photo for tracking board

Nic Lishko

Signed with Energy Entertainment


Annah Feinberg

Signed with Grandview

Adamgoldstein tegdtf

Adam Goldstein

Signed with Management SGC

Dongrail uppvjr

Don Grail

Signed with Zero Gravity Managment


Ben Watts

Signed with Markerstone

The Launch Pad competition is one of, if not the, premiere industry screenplay competitions. It is a gold mine of well-executed, commercial specs and it is run by execs who are savvy, have great taste and are well connected. With the amount of talent that is signed and the amount of scripts that are sold out of Launch Pad, this is the competition that every writer, rep and exec should know and be excited about.

Jake Wagner Manager, Good Fear Film + Management

When I submitted to the LPFC, I thought I was entering a competition - only to discover I had landed in an expertly curated screenwriting showcase. Thanks to the LPFC I have gone from being yet another schmuck with a script to being promoted, celebrated, supported, and embraced as a screenwriter. You’ve given me attention, guidance, support, and access. More than that, you’ve given me a career. Whatever else happens from here on out, it is a direct result of the LPFC and all your work.

Adam Goldstein Top 3, 2014 LPFC


Trevor Mayes

Signed with Zero Gravity Management

Cropped 1415753719 robert dunn

Robert Dunn

Signed with APA and Circle of Confusion

Juliabatavia u6gaqf

Julia Batavia

Signed with 42 Management and Zero Gravity Management

1401757449 unnamed

Kevin Sluder

Signed with Anarchy Management

1399511296 shane joseph willis 400x400

Shane Joseph Willis

Signed with Rosa Entertainment

Set up with Rosa Entertainment

Unnamed 1 hwrghb

Zack Kaplan

Signed with Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Alainsoussokho ajhwy2

Alain Soussokho

Signed with Energy Entertainment

Cropped 1415758213 andrew bluestone

Andrew Bluestone

Signed with ICM and Silent R Management

This contest legitimately changed my life. It was amazing to have my work set out and actually taken seriously. Right away, I got a ton of emails from people requesting to see the script!

Kate Trefry Winner, 2013 LPFC

Guyfranciscopolin wqbzf9

Guy Francisco Polin

Signed with Markerstone


Joel Dorland

Signed with Good Fear Film + Management

1399504241 ted sperling

Ted Sperling

Signed with Energy Entertainment

Cropped 1415757090 tony pitman

Tony Pitman

Signed with Niad Management

1399502293 asmin pathare 400x400

Asmin Pathare

Signed with Vision Arts Management

Laurenwstenmoe hnr2ps

Lauren W. Stenmoe

Signed with Jon Kanak Management

1399580320 sean costello dj6oxf

Sean Costello

Set up with Energy Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment

Cropped 1415755942 scott hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Signed with Luber/Roklin Entertainment

The Launch Pad competition has been an awesome, thrilling ride. Ever since my script "Darklands" placed in the Top Ten, Chris has been hustling to get it into as many hands as possible (forty-one on the first day alone!). In my experience, getting my scripts read by the right people has been nearly as difficult as writing the scripts themselves, so it's been a great feeling just knowing that some of the best and brightest in the industry have given "Darklands" a shot. I cannot praise Chris's professionalism enough, and if you're an aspiring screenwriter, entering the Launch Pad competition should be a no-brainer. It really can lead to your big break!

Paul Sheridan Semifinalist, 2014 LPFC

The day after hearing I made the top 25 I had the top manager in town calling me on a Sunday. On Monday I met and signed with him. By Wednesday, my pilot was being read by the head of several TV departments at the top agencies. By Friday, I was developing the show with some of the biggest producers in this town.

Douglas Stark Finalist, 2013 LPFC & Finalist, 2014 LPPC


Robert Weinberger

Signed with Preferred Artists

1399502436 tony lippera 320x320

Tony Lippera

Signed with Chemical Imbalance Productions

Davidkwazsko yvfigp

David K. Wazsko

Signed with Jon Kanak Management

1399511321 paul zeidman

Paul Zeidman

Signed with The Mikael Group