by Adrian Rieder

2015 Launch Pad Pilot Alumni

About Adrian Rieder

Adrian Rieder is a New York actor/writer who has performed Off-Broadway and regionally. He received the Level One Award in Theatre from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, and subsequently performed at the Kennedy Center as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. His TV appearances include UNFORGETTABLE, LAW & ORDER, SEX AND THE CITY, and a recurring role ON ALL MY CHILDREN. His play, KEEPER, was a Finalist for the Princess Grace Playwriting Award. He met his co-writer Patch when they trained together at The Juilliard School.

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Project Title


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A New York psychologist infiltrates an esoteric cult, uncovering the mystery of his own traumatic past.

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Why Read It?

KINDERHOOK is compelling drama about a hypnotherapist with a mysterious past. This pilot is successful at every turn: the characters are complex and full of secrets, and the narrative is well paced and intriguing. The New York setting and diverse characters will appeal to a wide demographic. The structure and pacing of the story are both terrific. Each act ends on a dramatic high note that keeps the audience hooked. This pilot exudes intrigue and grabs you from page one.

Additional Work

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