by Alexis Perkins

2016 Launch Pad Feature Alumni

About Alexis Perkins

Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, Alexis Perkins received her B.A. in History from The George Washington University in 2005. After graduation, Alexis worked as a news assistant and online producer for CNN and The Associated Press in Washington, D.C. In 2011 she completed the MFA film program at Columbia University. She received a distinction from the Columbia faculty for an original TV pilot, and was the recipient of The Jesse Thompkins III Screenwriting Award. Her grandfather is Andy Rooney of 60 MINUTES.

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Project Title

Derby City

Project Logline

A bartender (and small-time con artist) fleeing a criminal gambling charge convinces a naive Mormon missionary to drive across country with her, but when their truck and money are stolen, they have to resort to hustling pool in order to make it to Utah.


Adventure, Comedy

This Meets That


Why Read It?

Fulfilling all the promise of its wild and zany logline, this is the rare comedy script that not only brings out deserved laughs at every turn, but never loses sight of the fact that the story hinges upon the dynamic between its hilarious and polar opposite lead characters, two roles that any young comedian would kill to get her hands on. The great ideas just keep on coming, infusing the script with an inexhaustible, wild energy that evokes timeless road trip films while also feeling fresh and unique. The writer's comedic voice comes through clearly in the entertaining writing and witty dialogue, making them a real one to watch.

Additional Work

FACTs - 2016 LPPC Top 50 - When the CIA calls, you listen - even if it's to leave your acclaimed job as a Broadway costume designer to help dress secret agents in the less-than-glamorous CIA costume department.