by Christopher Yeazel

2016 Launch Pad Feature Alumni

About Christopher Yeazel

Christopher Ryan Yeazel is a writer and illustrator from Littleton, Colorado. Having worked on several film and television projects in various capacities over the years he moved to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting full time. His script 'The Savage' was recently named the Grand Prize winner in the inaugural Scriptshadow Screenplay Tournament

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Project Title

The Savage

Project Logline

After being kidnapped from his lands as a child, the Patuxet Indian Squanto spends his life fighting impossible odds to return home, setting in motion a series of events that changes the course of history. The epic true story behind one of America's most endearing myths.


Biopic, Drama, Adventure

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Why Read It?

As the figure at the center of all stories about the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving, but whose own life has never been explored, Squanto is a truly fantastic subject for a biopic, and this script does not disappoint. Impeccably researched and packed with historical detail, this script becomes a true epic of the most cinematic scale, with enormous set pieces, larger than life characters, and complex themes. Squanto's journey is gripping and memorable, with plenty of twists and turns and a globetrotting path which only emphasizes the ambitious nature of the story and the nuanced depiction of the headstrong yet na've protagonist.

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